Neville Goddard: Persistent Assumption

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Persistent Assumption
Neville Goddard

Excerpt from Neville Goddard:

"We think of the great men and women who are publicized in the world, and many of them are all-together wonderful. We speak of the great poets, the scientists, the business men, all these powers in the world, and we think there must be something different about them. May I tell you, there’s not a thing different about them. I want to convince you this night, if I can, that this inspiration that we think the poets have, the scientists, the great businessmen, is not an influx of a spirit that is different. It’s not different from the individual’s own wonderful human Imagination because there’s nothing greater.

There’s only God in this world. There’s nothing but God, and God is your own wonderful human Imagination, that is God. Now tonight let us put it to the extreme test. If God is the only reality, you can’t have two, not two Gods, and he is my own wonderful human Imagination, and all things are possible to God, all right, how would I go about proving it? For, I’m called upon to test him. I would dare to assume that I am the man that I would like to be. At the moment reason denies it, my senses deny it, but I would dare to assume that I am it.

So we are all one. Everyone here…you and I are one…because there can’t be two. On this level for a purpose we are fragmented. But I am sent to tell you that we are not really many, we are one. The word Elohim is a compound unity, one made up of others. So here it seems to be others, but you and I are not really two, three, four, or many. We are one in the most intimate manner that you have ever known, without loss of identity. So I ask you this night to simply dwell upon it and simply try it…just try it. It will never in eternity fail you."

Neville. The Fall and Restoration: 1968 Lectures . Trafford Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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