Neville Goddard: The Power of Awareness

Complete Unabridged Book by Neville Goddard with commentary by Brian Scott, The Reality Revolution.

Description and Music Credits by Brian Scott:

All things when they are admitted are made manifest by the light: for everything that is made manifest is light. Eph. 5:13​.

Your destiny is that which you must inevitably experience.

Really it is an infinite number of individual destinies, each of which when attained is the starting place for a new destiny.

Since life is infinite, the concept of an ultimate destiny is inconceivable. When we understand that consciousness is the only reality, we know that it is the only creator.

This means that your consciousness is the creator of your destiny. The fact is, you are creating your destiny every moment, whether you know it or not. Much that is good and even wonderful has come into your life without your having any inkling that you were the cre-ator of it.

However, the understanding of the causes of your experience, and the knowledge that you are the sole creator of the contents of your life, both good and bad, not only make you a much keener observer of all phenomena, but through the awareness of the power of your own consciousness, intensify your appreciation of the richness and grandeur of life.

Regardless of occasional experiences to the contrary, it is your destiny to rise to higher and higher states of consciousness, and to bring into manifestation more and more of creation’s infinite wonders.

Actually, you are destined to reach the point where you realize that through your own de-sire you can consciously create your successive destinies.

The study of this book, with its detailed exposition of consciousness and the operation of the law of assumption, is the master key to the conscious attainment of your highest destiny.

This very day start your new life.

Approach every experience in a new frame of mind — with a new state of consciousness.

Assume the noblest and the best for yourself in every respect and continue therein.

Make believe — great wonders are possible.

This was my notes for the soundtrack so you have them in order, check out the full songs for these on Mettaverse youtube channel. They are the best.

5 minutes of light quotient study and focus alleviate stress

Into the Omniverse 963hz for 15 minutes

Solstice revitalizing ambient music return to the light

Sea of Samsara , Karmic clearing 174Hz

First source awaken I the energetic heart 111hz For 15 minutes

111hz language of light balancing the mind for 15 minutes

love the universal constant 111hz for 15 minutes

639hz heart chakra love Harmony and positive energy for only 5 minutes

111Hz the field of oneness dissolve in the tranquility for 15 minutes (new)

a universal language 444hz/528hz for 15 minutes

111hz the heart of true being for only 5 minutes

healing tranquility 111hz beta endorphins and cell regeneration for 15 minutes

journey through the multi-verse for 15 minutes

768hz throat chakra inspire creativity for 10 minutes

528HZ DNA repair musical mathematical matrix of creation for 10 minutes
light quotient study and focus alleviate stress

Music by Mettaverse

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