Nine Days of Eternity | Anke Evertz | A Profound NDE During a Coma

Anke Evertz had a profound near-death experience following a fire accident that resulted in tertiary burns, which required her to receive a facial skin graft and sent her into a coma for nine days. Not only did she experience “spacelessness” and “timelessness”, but she also received a phenomenal healing.

In this interview, she describes what happened during that time of “nine days of eternity” as she refers to it, and what impact the near-death experience had on her life and worldly sensibilities, and why there is no longer a division between body and soul.


What a beautiful experience shared here! Thank you Da Pah Kwan Yin San :pray:
Isn’t interesting, the fact that it is the experience out of body that shows her the meaning of it? “I recognized Source in the core of every cell.”
Really lovely to watch :bouquet:


Da’ka’ya for sharing Da Pah Kwan Yin San :heart:


What a profoundly beautiful and impactful sharing of the near death experience!

It touches your core and expands lightyears beyond the mind, inviting one to feel her experience and her radiant love, heart to heart. Asked at the end if she had a cause, she shares that she simply hopes to inspire people with her story, so they won’t be so hard on themselves, so they can rethink their lives and benefit from her experience. “Mission accomplished” in every way! :fire::sparkling_heart::fire:

Thank you, Da Pah Kwan Yin San, for sharing this exquisite, beautiful, moving experience.



I really like listening to her trying hard to explain what she cannot explain. She refers to Holographic and multi-dimensional experiences.
This morning, I have been listening to Session 122 on the website (activation of the holographic dolphin brain by The Cosmic Twelve).
I feel it is lovely to share how this exercise is so very much aligned with what Anke Evertz says here.

Your Holographic Vision
As you create your reality, you call forth this holographic vision. At that point in time, your hologram you have created is everything that ever was, everything that is, and everything that might be. And then you have the choice, Creator. Where are you going to put your expression of you today? You have come home.

I am telling you right now that everything that you have heard right now can allow you to escape this reality, at least the golden cage of this reality. Your very brain exists beyond time and space, if your neocortex is a part of your brain. So, your very brain, your very neocortex, which has once been called the engine, the fuel of the Akene, is your ticket home.


San’a’ke Da Ekaraia Gaia San :sparkling_heart: What an empowering quote by the Cosmic Twelve from Session 122/Activation of the Holographic Dolphin Brain! Thank you, with love, always :pray::sparkling_heart:

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