OSHO: Alertness, Awareness, Mindfulness

Work and meditation??? – how could those two areas of life, apparently opposing each other, possibly come together?

See for yourself and have look at this clip from an interview with Osho by KGW TV, Portland, Oregon

“My meditation is not something separate from life; it is something that has to be spread all over life. Your whole life has to be colored by it. So whatever you do – you make love, but meditation remains. You cannot drop that even while making love. It is not like your glasses, you cannot take it off! It is like eyes, they are always there. You cannot just take them off and put them on again…”


Ascension is the total deconstruction of the ego-mind-personality construct. This ultimately requires second-to-second practice and keeps the ascension student from falling for the one mistake Da Pah Lao Tze San tells us is the ONLY mistake an ascension student makes: not applying the tools of consistency and continuity on our ascension path. I love Osho’s talk in this clip emphasizing the important inseparability of meditation and work, or making our entire lives a meditation. Doing so is a big step along the way to enlightenment or the taming of the ego, and ultimately to ascension through the study of the Pah. A wonderful idea with incalculable benefit, indeed!

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