Osho: My Whole Work Is To Confuse You

In today’s world who amongst us has not asked, “Is there a God?” Osho clarifies this vexed question, discusses the idea that God is love, and talks about personality versus individuality.

“So first I have to remove all your knowledge – which is bogus anyway. You have not earned it, you don’t deserve it. It has not grown within you, it is all rubbish that you have collected from books, from people.”

“Slowly, slowly, the intelligent people around the world are becoming aware that it is necessary to do something so that man is saved, or be ready to die. And what I am proposing is the only alternative; no other alternative is proposed anywhere. There is no other possibility. Man has looked into all the alternatives, has exhausted all the possibilities, and has tried to remain just the way he is, only changing ideologies, religions, scriptures, but he himself remains the same. What is the difficulty? You choose the holy Koran instead of the Holy Bible; you are the same person, only the book has changed. The question was not the change of the book, the question was the change of your total being.” – Osho


I always love the way Osho addresses students’ questions with wisdom, gentleness, and humor, which often seem to stray from the original question, but perfectly address the need of the student, at the same time delivering a valuable lesson for everyone. To completely answer the questions asked, “who is god” and the difference between “god” and “godliness”, for me, is in essence, the study the Pah. Enjoy!