Ottawa Council Plots Mass Arrest of Freedom Truckers While Begging Police - Feb. 6, 2022

Source: Robert Gouveia Esq. YT Channel:

Ottawa Council convened an emergency meeting to plot to undermine the Freedom Trucker Convoy, calling them terrorists, insurrectionists, criminals, racists, and more.

Present for the City Council on February 4, 2022: Diane Deans, Rawlson King, Carol Anne Meehan; for the Oversight Board: Daljit Nirman, Robert Swaita, Bev Johnson, Blair Dunker, and L. A. Sandy Smallwood; for the Police: Peter Sloly, Trish Ferguson, Steve Bell.

00:00 Intro
00:57 Members of the Council
01:48 Insurrection Diane
02:30 Diane Under Seige
04:15 Diane Deans to Sloly on Resources
10:10 Carol Anne Meehan Meltdown
13:25 Please I’m Begging You
14:46 Smallwood Says Just Ticket Them
17:01 Sloly Announces 250 RCMP Agents
17:42 Trish Says Not “Reasonable People”
19:08 Inspector Trish Says Maxed Out
21:01 FOUR Total Arrests Reported
23:02 Truckers WINNING Social Media Game
24:47 Have you tried talking to them?
27:37 Other Members
29:40 Mass Arrest Plot
32:02 City Lawyers Says No
34:44 Outro


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