Ottawa Police Stumped By Jerry Cans As Freedom Truckers Stay Parked

Source: Watching the Watchers/Robert Gouveia Esq.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Police Deputy Chief Steve Bell take questions from the media and appear to be stumped as to how to respond to the Freedom Trucker Convoy. Today, we review the latest, including:

:small_blue_diamond: Ottawa police issues a press release hinting at increased enforcement in the coming hours.
:small_blue_diamond: Ottawa Deputy Police Chief Steven Bell provides an update during a press conference.
:small_blue_diamond: Bell is asked about the Jerry Can Plot being executed by the Freedom Truckers, and admits to the “layers of complexity.”
:small_blue_diamond: @UOttawaScotty takes us around the scene in Ottawa where we see the installation of police barricades.
:small_blue_diamond: Despite confidence in their efforts, Bell acknowledges they do not have a timeline for a resolution.
:small_blue_diamond: Mayor Jim Watson attends another city council meeting where he takes questions from the media.
:small_blue_diamond: Mayor Watson says he will not meet with the truckers until they remove their vehicles.
:small_blue_diamond: Jim Watson and the City Manager sound completely deflated in the Cat and Mouse game.
:small_blue_diamond: Watson said Truckers are embarrassing themselves and seem like something out of Monty Python.
:small_blue_diamond: Canadian liberal politicians start to defect: MP Robillard and Joel Lightbound.
:small_blue_diamond: Alberta “ends” mandates, but then sort of reverses, according to Premier Kenney.
:small_blue_diamond: Truckers also block the Ambassador Bridge that connects a port-of-entry between Canada in Windsor and the United States.
:small_blue_diamond: Drew Dilkens provides an update on the Ambassador Bridge.
:small_blue_diamond: Your questions and comments!