Psychedelics and Quantum Science- Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. interview/ Brian David Hardin / Knewways

Dr Carl Johan Calleman speaks about his fascinating book: Quantum Science of Psychedelics: The Pineal Gland, Multidimensional Reality, and Mayan Cosmology (2020)

A groundbreaking exploration of how Psychedelics and Quantum Science are vital to understanding the Evolution of Consciousness and Reality.
Explains why altered states of consciousness exist, how they work, and why psychedelics have the effects that they do.
Describes how quantum waves, rather than the DNA molecule, have been the driving force behind biological and historical evolution.
Explains how psychedelics interact with the human mind to create altered states that may further the continued evolution of consciousness.
In this groundbreaking book, Carl Johan Calleman reveals the quantum science of the Maya, a science lost to the modern world that explains the phenomenology of psychedelics and altered states of consciousness. The ancient Maya had a sophisticated understanding of the multidimensional nature of reality and the forces that drive the evolution of consciousness.
Carl Calleman explains how quantum waves, illustrated by the Mayan Calendar, emanate from the center of the universe and activate new phases in the evolution of consciousness through holographic resonance, which alters the dualities of the human mind. For example, the 5th Wave, which dominated in Paleolithic times and evolved human consciousness above that of animals, brought a chaotic floating state reminiscent of the psychedelic or shamanic state, and the recent 8th Wave brought the digital revolution. The 9th Wave, which began in 2011, offers the potential for individual development of higher consciousness and healing if we can synchronize ourselves with its positive holograms.
This multidimensional perspective explains why altered states of consciousness exist and how they work. Calleman describes the role of the pineal gland for the human mind, how it controls our state of consciousness and how it can connect us to the cosmic Tree of Life. He shows that the mind is a “reducing valve” that normally limits our experience of cosmic conscious-ness but that this can be reversed through altered states.
As Calleman concludes, psychedelics like ayahuasca and DMT not only give rise to extraordinary mystical and cosmic experiences and enable access to healing states, but they also are important for harmoniously synchronizing humanity with the 9th Wave to further the evolution of consciousness.
Carl Johan Calleman is a scientist with a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Stockholm. A former senior researcher of environmental health at the University of Washington in Seattle and expert on chemical carcinogens for the World Health Organization, he is the author of 7 books, including The Nine Waves of Creation. He lives outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Three words: Fascinating and beautiful!

One question for all of us: What do the collective waves happening mean to you and how do you work with them?

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