Q"uo On The Galactic Battle Between Good and Evil

Video by Brian Scott, The Reality Revolution:

"Who are you as Q’uo as you speak to us?

I am Q’uo. I am two social memory complexes, the one you know of as Ra, and the one you know of as Latwii. We have combined because this instrument constantly asks for the highest and best contact it may stably carry.

The energies of the one known as Ra, which is a social memory complex of sixth density, is an energy band narrow enough that it requires the locking in, and therefore the unconscious state, of the mind of the channel. The entities of Ra were appalled to see the toll it took upon this instrument to bring forth that which it did channel. It was not expected that there would be so much interest from what this instrument calls the loyal opposition.

When our energies are stepped down to those of Latwii, an energy this instrument feels most comfortable with, we are able to offer concepts that are to some degree more precise and, may we say, perhaps more interesting to the advanced student of metaphysics, than that which is called Latwii would be by the self, for Latwii is of the fifth density, the density of wisdom, and as you can feel, our vibrations are the vibrations not only of wisdom, but compassion as well.

This is a collection of different q’uo channelings dealing with the battle between good and evil and a variety of additional topics.

Music by Mettaverse"
light travel
inner worlds
healing restorative ambient music
journey inward
light holders
a still mind
return to source
field of oneness
journey throught the mulitverse
healing tranquility
777hz deep relaxation
language of light
love the universal constant
into the omniverse

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