Qigong | Full 20-Minute Daily Routine

This is a very gentle and relaxing Qigong routine.
It’s called Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade.

Some recommendations from the author:

  • The arm and hand movements are completely relaxed. Also, all joints are loosened to encourage Qi and blood circulation.

  • To synchronize breathing with movements takes practice. That is the essence of qigong.

  • What the Chinese believe is that the inhale and the exhale should be very slow, paying attention to your abdomen. Don’t take a bite of air. Inhale through the nose. Notice the air traveling from your nose, through your lungs, to your back, then to the lower part of the abdomen. As you exhale, you expel the air very slowly. The Chinese believe the sensation is in the front of the stomach, then out through the nose. This abdominal breathing is different from “chest” breathing, which is very quick or short. After practice, you can get used to abdominal breathing. The abdominal breathing is tremendously helpful to your health.

May well-being be your expression always. :pray:
(Lemurian proverb)


San a’ke
a’ke Da a’ke Ba a’ke Ya Gratitude a’ke
Celebrating rejoycing Ba joyfull togetherness
Da o i vish Ka’Ya aya imzaia’e
Da’Ka’Ya a’ke aya
So be well always in evry Breath to all beings
So it beeeee