Q'uo: Infinite Complexity & Eternal Simplicity

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/The Reality Revolution

Premiered Jun 12, 2022 This channeling covers a variety of topics including the paradox between simplicity and complexity.

"We find that as your planetary population moves ever more closely in harmony with the concepts of seeing the Creator in all, seeking the Creator in all, becoming the Creator in some fashion in the conscious spiritual journey, that there is a greater acceptance of this foundation philosophy that then allows more construction of thought in concept to be offered in a manner which meets the growing apprehension of previous concepts and thoughts.

Each entity upon your planetary sphere at this time, either consciously or subconsciously, desires to know why it is here on earth at this time. It may not appear to many that there are spiritual yearnings within the soul of each of the eight billion entities upon your planetary sphere, for there is so much division of thought and emotions, principles, and the way to live the life that it would seem that there is no kind of generally accepted philosophy of what you have called the conscious seeker of truth. And yet each, by seniority of vibration, has incarnated on the earth at this time to make that spiritual journey. Each has planned, preincarnatively, to learn those lessons that remain, that will allow the heart to be opened in unconditional love, so that all may be seen as the Creator. And all may be offered a service to reveal more and more of the Creator in each moment, in each thought, in each word, in each deed.

Perhaps the complexity that you witness, that you experience, that you dance within, perhaps when looking upon that complexity with the eyes of love, the love that is unconditional, one can begin to see the channel towards simplicity. The entity that approaches the many layers of experience on this planet with an open heart and open mind and open arms is an entity who is placing itself on the path towards the One, the Only, the All That Is, and that being Love."

  • Q’uo April 13 2022

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