Q'uo: Love & Wisdom

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/The Reality Revolution:

"Our question concerns the relationship between love and wisdom, specifically, can wisdom suppress or impede in some way an opening of the green energy center? On one hand, Ra says that love and wisdom not oppose each other, but rather constitute two sides of the same coin. On the other hand, Ra says that on the negative path, wisdom is accumulated much earlier than on the positive path.

Every offering of love is a risk. A risk, on the face of it, can seem unwise. Wisdom, however, that has taken account of itself, will eventually come to realize that perfect wisdom is itself an imperfect thing, for perfect wisdom would counsel that no risk ever be taken. Perfect wisdom would counsel that the odds mitigate against the possible fruition of open-hearted interaction. And yet, if perfect wisdom always prevailed, that spiritual sustenance, which is the very life blood of soul, would be denied, and so to return to our metaphor, the flower must open, the bud must bloom despite the risk of frost, despite the rough winds that may soon blow, despite the hungry animal which may happen by and be attracted to the blossom.

Folly is not the same thing as love, but in a world which is defined too much by wisdom, it can seem folly to love at all. Therefore, we might say that it is indeed the greater act of wisdom to allow wisdom itself to be curtailed in the face of love."

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