Q'uo: On Love - The Key To Everything

Continuing my “love affair” with Q’uo, an ascended being who teaches through L/L Research and the Law of One, it is my honor to share this beautiful compilation of quotes by Q’uo, compiled by Brian Scott of The Reality Revolution.

One of my favorite articles by Da Pah Kwan Yin San, which can be found on Imzaia World, has long been “Becoming a Cosmic Adult.” I remember sitting with other students, all of us deeply affected when Da Pah Kwan Yin San shared this article with us prior to its first release on a former website.

Within this article, we are lovingly guided to become the cosmic adults we are, and (among other things) to explore the following:

"What is everyone afraid of but no one dares to say out loud?
That at the end of the day, love is not real.
What is the worst nightmare of every human being?
That you might be responsible for breaking love.

These two factors, when deeply wedged into someone’s mind, can literally destroy a person’s life and that of those around him or her.

These two questions are not randomly chosen, they are foundational in the breakdown of the heart’s connection to the head and the belly…

I invite you to explore the reasons for this, too, and how to rise above them, once and for all, by diving into the Study of Vibration and the Study of the Pah, which you can find in the Libraries of Imzaia World." - Da Pah Kwan Yin San

These two questions and the breakdown between the head, heart, and belly had indeed been integral in our experience of life and had also drawn all of us to become students: to rise above them once and for all and to learn service to the whole so our entire family of life impacted by these two questions may do the same.

So, a continuing conversation about love is a good place to dive into, imho, and I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.!

Love, Amber :sparkling_heart:

Video description and tags::

In the law of one material and in the channelings of Q’uo love is a key concept. But what does it mean metaphysically in our transition to the new earth. Here Q’uo in his amazing way teaches us of the power of love and the lessons of love in third density.

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Very beautiful and profound.
Thank you for sharing Da Amber San.:sparkling_heart:


This imzaia identity
Is Shi’imzaia Ka
Celebrating That Creator’s Love together
With All ascended Life and the river of San
Thank You Da Amber San
For being one wave
For Being one akene
Always o
Love Light within
Adonai vasu Ka

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