Q'uo - On Money And Spirituality

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/The Reality Revolution:

"We greet you once again in love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator that moves within each heart and within each creation. We thank you for the gift of your calling to us, for it is in serving entities such as you that we are able to work towards our own progression, our own further understanding of the one great original thought of Love. Our consciousness is full with the joy of your company.

You ask us about the companionship of money and spirituality. It is written in one of your holy works that the love of money is the root of all evil. We would like to point out that it is the love of money, as it is any idolatry, which is at the root of separation, whether it be the separation of true worship from the great divine mystery because of pieces of wood and stone or the separation of one’s focus from that same mystery because of the love of counting. It is not the money itself which is contrary to a life led with a spiritual center, but the idolatrous love of that which is built by man in imitation of the Creator’s abundance…

Perhaps the most helpful thing we can suggest is that through meditation the consciousness of abundance may be encouraged and as truth always drives out falsity, as love always drives out fear, so true abundance drives out the false idol. The consciousness of abundance does not mean that all that one wishes will come immediately-or at all-within any particular length of time or any incarnation. It means, rather, that there is an awareness that that which is to be shall come to one through natural plentifulness…

Observe those who have found abundance. Some may be wealthy and some quite poor, but what they have is an awareness of the excellence not only of life, but of the very life which is being lived by them. This is most often earned rather than given to them, especially among your people who perturbate with great earnestness the consciousness of lack. There are those whose happiness lies in children, those whose peace lies in love, others who find satisfaction in learning, still others, those who have the gift of being who they are. It takes a certain level of comfort to achieve the consciousness of abundance for most. It is difficult while starving to death to rejoice in the plenty all about one, yet there be spirits who have done so and gone to their graves singing in praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings which abounded in the creation of the Father…"

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