Q'uo On The Central Sun, Catalyst and Time Space

Q’uo a member of the confederation similar to Ra was channeled by Jim Mccarty and Carla Rueckert after the original Ra sessions.

Here we discuss a variety of topics, how to deal with Catalyst, what the differences between time space and space time are and the Central Sun.

For more on q’uo check out llresearch.org

Video created by Brain Scott of The Reality Revolution:

Music by Mettaverse
deep relaxation 777hz
hoy frequency 111hz
golden lotus
into the omniverse
396hz root chakra
celestial voices dimensional openness
inner worlds
tranquil hang drum music
528hz DNA repair mathematical matrix
cellular rejuvenation 888hz
sea of samsara
when all else fades

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An amazing Imzaia Metaphysical Mentorship class on the Art of Portal Travel by Da Solarys San, the Central Sun, on Imzaia World: