Q'uo On The Earth Quarantine And The Coming Shift To the New Earth

Q’uo, a member of the confederation similar to Ra was channeled by Jim McCarty and Carla Rueckert after the original Ra sessions. Here we find out information about the earth, the quarantine, the time lateral and the coming shift to the new earth.

This information is mind-blowing. Is the earth in an active hologram?

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Through The Veil
Universal Language

Video uploaded to YouTube by Brian Scott and to The Reality Revolution (www.therealityrevolution.com) based on the Law of One material.

Any interested viewer in the Law Of One is encouraged to check out the source material available from L/L Research at www.llresearch.org.


Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to listening and to hearing your thoughts about the info that is mentioned by Q’uo in here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love Q’uo and love this video, having listened a few times already. I’ve been finding other great Q’uo videos related to this topic and listening currently. Will joyfully post the best one or two and also share my thoughts and feedback for all of them. Great info and great timing given the beautiful momentum of planetary ascension! :sparkling_heart:

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Listening to this, I couldn’t help affectionately thinking of the American T.V. series, Babylon 5, in which “a millennia-long cyclical conflict between ancient, powerful races, and intrigue or upheaval within particular races, plague the Babylon 5 space station as the human characters fight to resist Earth’s descent into totalitarianism” as a metaphor to the time lateral quarantine described in this video. The Babylon 5 space station, in this metaphor, was established so that these races would finally learn to get along (with an ending not to be missed). Without direct conscious memory (yet), it was a good series to learn about the history of earth and humanity and I am grateful this series was a “must watch” early on my ascension path…and for all the loving teachings of Imzaia World, always. We are not alone and never have been, nor can we be separate, except within illusion. We are One and all is Love.

I adore Q’uo who always shares incredible love and wisdom with great compassion, and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing “her” poetry for ascending consciousness through this verbal format (as well as the many quotes from the Law of One that Da Pah Kwan Yin San regularly shares with students). The teachings regarding what we can do to transcend distortion and this quarantine in this particular video (and others) are beautifully expressed and as with all of “her” communications, always are experienced on a feeling level.

I have been wondering how to tie this in with changes that have already occurred such as the 8-12-8 portal we have gone through and the changes that have already happened as described in the Imzaia “Solar Activations” session, and are likely continuing to occur and will continue, with the full launch of the Study of the Pah, and further teaching and communication by Ascended Life as well as by our Solar System. This, however, is a minor mental and linear curiosity, that I know in my heart and One Akene, already makes perfect “sense” and is already incredible. I am truly looking forward to all that is to come and honored and grateful beyond words to be here now.

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