Q'uo On The Mayan Prophecies & Shift To Fourth Density

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel; www.therealityrevolution

"The video contained was used with permission by Julius Horsthuis, http://www.julius-horsthuis.com/, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPYi

Q’uo is a channeled entity that provides knowledge similar to the law of one but in many ways is easier to understand.

Here we have a collection of channelings from Q’uo given on the Mayan prophecies, how to interpret them and our shift into 4th density.

In the case of the Ra contact, the transmission of information/energy was a narrow band one, that is it was extremely focused, extremely coherent, and extremely tight, necessitating that the consciousness of the instrument be out of the body. It was a magical event in the truest sense of the word, requiring ritual protection and greater fastidiousness in walking in the light, leaving the L/L group (Don, Carla, and Jim) little margin for error

What makes the Ra contact so singular, whether in comparison to Q’uo or virtually every other source of information available on this planet, is that we hear directly from Ra with little to no human interference, as if they are in the room with us. Ra as Ra - as a unified planetary consciousness, beyond polarity, outside of space and time, existing in the experience of unbroken unity - is a pure source of information very “close” (for lack of a better term) to the undistorted infinite Creator, in my understanding, at least.

Q’uo, on the other hand, is broad band because it is channeled by an instrument that is present in their own physical vehicle - not only present, but awake and aware of Q’uo coming through them. Q’uo, therefore, is necessarily colored by the human instrument. The skilled instrument, of course, strives to reduce their impact on the information as much as possible, but the coloration is unavoidable. This however does not, in my understanding, mitigate against the polarity and overall message which Q’uo has to share. If one were to make a study of Q’uo channelings from their beginning to present day, one would find a stunningly consistent message over a span of 24 years and multiple instruments."

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