Q'uo on the Paradox of Fighting Darkness

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/www.therealityrevolution

This episode Q’uo delves more deeply the paradox of fighting the darkness when any level of bellicosity is opposed in fourth density.

Ra describes that, in fourth density, there is a battle of light between positive and negatively oriented social memory complexes.

It is thus that those who deal with this thought-war must be defensive rather than accepting in order to preserve their usefulness in service to others. Thusly, they cannot accept fully what the Orion Confederation wishes to give, that being enslavement. Thusly, some polarity is lost due to this friction, and both sides, if you will, must then regroup."

So, I am curious about this defensive posture of the positively oriented entities. When positive forces must resist the encroachment of negative forces, does that also imply self-righteousness or bellicosity in any way on behalf of the positive forces? What is the positively oriented entity’s attitude with regard to this defensive resistance in what Ra describes as a battle?

For more on q’uo check out llresearch.org

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