Q'uo on Transformation

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/The Reality Revolution

Here Q’uo answers questions about transformation.

"Transformation is a somewhat overused term among those who seek in the ways of spirit. Both your established religions and your alternative spiritual practices tend to speak of transformation, until it has almost become diminished, as a word, from having been overused.

In its roots, my friends, it means to change form, to cross over from one form to another. In a different word with the same root, transformation often follows an intake of information to form new mental and emotional formations, thus precipitating the deeper self into the need to accommodate new information. By information we do not simply mean that which is taken in through the process of reading books, attending seminars, or listening to inspired speakers. We speak of the whole intake process of a working, conscious, awakened spirit in incarnation on Planet Earth.

There is a tremendous amount of information which flows into the five senses and moves through the awareness and the thought processes of each entity, all things being grist for the mill. So, transformation is a move from one stage or phase of life to another. It almost has the connotation or the inference of being that of a shape shifter, where you actually change your spiritual or metaphysical shape.

There are models of transformation which are helpful in thinking about times of change within the self as it undergoes realizations of accumulated information which have precipitated change. One model is the much clichéd butterfly. And there is some advantage to thinking of transformation using this model. The un-awakened pupae and larvae go about their routines, eating and becoming ready to enter into a phase of development that is transformative in a way that changes the form of life from that which crawls to that which flies. And you may see that time of transformation as precipitated by the going into the cocoon of dealing with new thoughts and letting those thoughts marinate within your consciousness." - Q’uo

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