Q'uo: The Evolving Personality

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/www.therealityrevolution:

"The question that you ask this day seems to contain a paradox. This means that the questioner is on the right track, for the spiritual quest has as its signal virtue continual paradox. In this case, the paradox is “How does one be oneself while one is becoming oneself? How does one be, yet be open to change?”

Firstly, we would like to express that beyond any control of your own, you are. You have no choice but to be what you are, for you are an imperishable metaphysical entity, a form of light. The beauty of your vibrations is unique to each. The balance of service is unique to each, yet each is beautiful and cherished by us. And we thank all who seek the truth and turn their face towards the mystery of infinity and the Creator’s love.

Each of you existed as a definite consciousness before the world you dwell upon was created and each will continue infinitely to be a consciousness for many millions of years into your future, as you would call it. Indeed, the infinity of our consciousness stretches before us too."

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