Q'uo: The Will Of The Creator

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/The Reality Revolution:

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be called to your circle of seeking and we are happy to join you in this session of working and to share our thoughts.

Before we begin, however, as always, we would ask of you a favor and it is to use your discernment and your powers of discrimination as you listen to those things that we say, taking that which moves you and feels good to you and resonates to you, while leaving the remainder behind. If you will employ your discernment, we will feel much freer to offer our humble opinions, as we know that we will not infringe upon your free will but only be a potentially helpful source of thoughts. We thank you for this consideration, my friends.

We thank the one known as J for this query and, as the one known as Carla has said, it cuts to the heart of the philosophy of the Law of One, shall we say, and to one’s concept of how one is living one’s life. Sometimes when one uses one’s will to give up one’s will to a higher will, one feels as though one is losing one’s freedom, losing one’s free will. It feels as though the personal will has been given up—and for what? The answer to that is hidden in the mystery of the one Creator. So let us look at this query more closely.

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