Q'uo: Understanding the Subconscious Mind

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/www.therealityrevolution.com:

Introduction by Brian Scott::

The question this afternoon has to do with coordination between the feminine portion of our minds, the subconscious, and the male portion of our minds, the conscious mind. How this interaction can produce a symbiotic relationship and create a wholeness of experience, a wholeness of being, so that we are inspired to move in the direction that is most appropriate by the subconscious and inspired to accomplish the work that is before us. How can we gain a clearer, more stable access to that subconscious, feminine portion of our minds; how can we learn to appreciate this process? What exactly occurs in this process when the inspiration is given from the subconscious to the conscious, where does it come from, how is the subconscious aligned with our overall pattern of learning and serving that allows this process to occur? How can we, as we appreciate our own subconscious mind and ability to transform ourselves, how can we become examples or teachers or facilitators to others who may come to us seeking this kind of assistance?

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