Rupert Spira - Enlightenment, Happiness & Non-Duality

Source: Chris Williamson Podcast/ YT Channel, July 24, 2021

"Rupert Spira a teacher of the Non-Dualism Direct Path, an author and a potter.

Non-dualism is a state of consciousness that many contemplative practitioners aim to achieve. A dissolving of a barrier between the observer and the experience, it’s incredibly complex but thankfully Rupert is one of the clearest and most direct teachers of non-duality.

Today we tackle some of the biggest questions in enlightenment practice, like what are we at our essence? What is consciousness? What does it mean to say that you are the same person that you were 20 years ago? What are we referring to when we say “I”? What happens if you take away everything that we identify with?"

00:00 Intro
00:25 Defining Enlightenment
04:34 Our Past Selves
07:55 What is Awareness?
11:19 The Nature of Happiness
19:12 Are Peace and Happiness the Same?
23:10 What Impedes Happiness?
34:57 An Activity to Re-centre
37:29 The Essence of Non-Duality
44:39 The Finite Mind and Infinity
49:31 Lessons Learned from Rupert’s Life
55:13 Rupert’s Advice to Seekers of Happiness