Rupert Spira: Why Do We Laugh? What Is Humour?

Dec 14, 2022. Rupert Spira YT Channel:

What is humour? And why do we laugh? In this lighthearted conversation, Rupert explores why we sometimes laugh or cry when meditating and gives an explanation of humour in spiritual terms.

The reason you laugh is because you release a little bit of pent-up tension and in that relaxation of tension, our true nature shines. And in response to the shining of our true nature, the body relaxes, in this case in the form of laughter.

Take a proper comedian or someone who is telling a joke. The storyteller will eke out the story. And as they do so, we grow tense in anticipation. When the activity of the mind — which was getting more and more tense as the story was told — suddenly comes to an end with the punchline, that collapse, that extinction of the mind at that moment is powerful enough to release tension in the body. So the understanding doesn’t take place in the mind or the body. It Is the shining of our true nature. And as a result, we laugh.

The laughter we experience is really the shining of our true nature.

This clip comes from one of Rupert’s in-person retreats at The Vedanta – 17th to 24th September, 2022.


0:00 Spiritual Humour
0:50 Laughing Releases Tension
2:14 Crying and Laughing Are Closely Related
2:40 What is Humour In Spiritual Terms?
4:25 Stopping Thoughts
5:30 Laughter Is The Best Medicine


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