Sergej Sumlenny: "Get ready for the break up of Russia" (UnHerd)

Freddie Sayers meets Sergej Sumlenny.

As the war in Ukraine has become more entrenched, there has been much discussion of the small Eastern European states which might be annexed into the Russian Federation.

One political scientist and journalist has taken a different view. Sergej Sumlenny is Russian-born, but lives in Berlin. On Twitter he predicted that rather than expanding, Russia was due to dramatically contract. Might he be right? In principle, Sumlenny argues, Russia’s many ethnic states are perfectly poised for secession, some with long histories of agitation and others with a newfound resentment of Moscow in light of the war.

To understand how this split could play out in practice Freddie Sayers invited him to talk UnHerd through the end of the Russian Federation and asks - what happens next?

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I have not seen much talk or evidence either way so thank you for posting this @akeneic. Time will tell, it seems.

Hopefully, we will continue to rapidly expand spiritually/metaphysically in consciousness towards a New Earth expressing and experiencing oneness and peace beyond politics, power and control. :two_hearts::heart::two_hearts: