Shilajit Live Resin - An ancient healing compound

Interested in discovering an amazing ancient remedy that can provide your body with sustained energy, faster tissue healing, healthy inflammation and immune response, and improved bone health?

How about sharper thinking, better memory, concentration and clarity with improved emotional stability and resilience to stress?

In Ayurvedic and Eastern European medicine, shilajit is considered a premium healing substance. Used by Egyptian pharaohs, Asian kings, and Soviet astronauts and now the choice of celebrities, athletes, and health-conscious consumers.

Join us with Special Guest Nodari Rizun, owner of Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit and learn how he has turned this ancient mythical substance called shilajit into a modern nutraceutical of the highest efficacy.

Find out how shilajit can help fine tune your body and mind to reach its maximum potential.


With the global supplements market a multi-billion dollar/euro etc. market, it is wonderful to explore alternatives to so-called modern medicine that really work and are beneficial to aid physical well-being here on Imzaia City. Shilajit is a beautiful creation. Thank you, Da Gaia San and beautiful hearts coming forward with just what we can best use in these changing times.:sparkling_heart:

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