Spiritually Inspired show with Carl Calleman, scientist and author

Carl Calleman is a scientist with a Ph. D. in physical biology from the university of Stockholm. A former senior researcher of environmental health at the University of Washington in Seattle and expert on chemical carcinogens for the world Health Organization, he is the author of 7 books on Maya, including The Nine waves of Creation and his latest, The Quantum Science of Psychedelics in which, among other things, he explains why altered states of consciousness exist and how they work.

In order to understand the effect of psychedelics, Dr. Calleman went through a number of plant medicine ceremonies that changed his life.

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Renowned researcher, scientist, and author Carl Calleman shares his research, theories, and expertise about a variety of subjects in a fascinating interview that ranges from: the Mayan calendar’s sixth wave and its download of a structured geometric mind from the cosmic source and its evolutionary impacts through resonance; to relating this to the current evolution of psychedelic plant medicine as a way to change perception and generate healing through connection to the cosmic source; to the challenges and opportunities this has for modern medicine; to the evolution of society in breaking away from lower quantum states; and how we are macrocosmically quantum-entangled with the center of the cosmos. All well worth a listen and an elucidating interview! Thank you, Amy, for posting this! It adds a balancing perspective to the article I recently posted about medical research currently being done using psychedelics to treat anxiety, depression, and addiction, and adds a wonderful perspective of how we are truly connected with the cosmos.

In Imzaia teachings, we are told that humanity has already birthed a quantum mind, freed from its limitations and restrictions. It will be fascinating to explore that as we move further on our ascension paths, for sure, and to continue to experience, for real, that we are indeed the universe and more!