Stabilizing in Peace: Holding Inner Peace In Activity

Source: Rupert Spira YT Channel:

Many people wonder about stabilizing in peace after a period of time spent in meditation or studying the nature of reality and one’s experience. A man who has gone back to school after a long period of reflection says he feels like he has taken ten steps back and asks how to manage the intensity and challenge of his time, and increased activity and responsibilities when he is used to spending time alone studying and integrating the non-dual teaching.

Rupert suggests that this is a necessary challenge for stabilisation in the peace that passeth all understanding, and to find and remember this unchanging, undisturbed and calm place of refuge in the midst of activity.

Rupert mentions the old movie ‘The Red Shoes’ to suggest sometimes we need to go too far to recognize what is necessary to return to lasting inner peace.

Non-duality teaches us that peace is what we are, not something we can ever lose.

This clip was taken from one of Rupert’s weekly webinars.


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