Study Of The Pah | A Timely Message for when in Pain

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SUMMARY - Forever transform your perspective on pain, fear, sadness, loss, and anguish of physical, mental, and emotional kinds, through this 30 minute metaphysical talk & exercise by Da Pah Kwan Yin San.

This video invites you to invoke within you the alignment with the one infinite creator self that you truly are.

TITLE - A Timely Message for when in Pain

AUTHOR - Da Pah Kwan Yin San

RECORDED - 14 January 2022


Beloved one. Are you celebrating this heartbeat, this moment? Did you celebrate the previous one? Will you celebrate the next?

I make this video, and in doing so I reach out to all those that are in pain. Physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain, they are all ultimately the same experience.

One thing that most of us do not understand about the concept of pain, especially when we are experiencing it, is the true universality of it. Pain is a universal human experience. The pain that one body experiences versus the pain that another body experiences is not a separating event, it is a unifying event.

From that perspective it can be said that being a universal experience, pain must therefore be a distorted, inverted geometry of a universal principle that is also shared by all consciousness. We know that the basic building blocks shared by all consciousness are da, or love; ba or joy; vah or freedom, ra or truth; ka — life — followed by gratitude, grace and wellbeing.

Pain is a Distortion

You could argue that the notion that we experience in human bodies as pain is a distortion of all of these building blocks of reality together. But what do these distortions mean? What do they do on a practical level in our lives? Ultimately they generate a framework of vibration, frequency, energy and matter that puts a filter on our human experience in the sense that it appears to cut us off. In the first place from those around us by making the experience of pain feel extremely personal whereas it truly is a shared and universal experience. And secondly by cutting ourselves off from ourselves, but not from our physical selves.

The misunderstood interpretation and experience of pain can lead to an expression of a physical self, a mental self, an emotional self that no longer understands its true connection to the world, to itself and to this reality. When this happens of course it becomes very easy to manipulate a human being, consciousness in general, in order to accept states of reality, states of affairs that are not in line with truth. On that level the concept of fear very much plays into the same inverted geometry that we experience when it comes to pain. One could argue easily that fear is a form of emotional, mental and even physical pain. Anguish can lead to mental, emotional of physical states of experiencing pain, after all.

But what exactly is it that we replace our perspective for? What reality perspective does a human being, and any expression of consciousness therefore, experience without the expression and presence of pain, or fear, anguish and such? Think about this. The answer is simple: the reality experienced in that light is the reality of the Creator Self. This is what I mean when I speak of celebration.

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