Study Of The Pah | Mentorship Class 1 - The Principles of Vah - Embracing the Creator Self

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TITLE - Class 1 — The Principles of Vah — Embracing the Creator Self

AUTHOR - Da Pah Kwan Yin San

RECORDED - 8 August, 2021


San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan’shi, honoleia i imzaia’e.

Welcome. As we embark on today’s journey, I wish to remind you that this mission that you are undertaking, is a formless one.

Let that sink in.

It is a spaceless one, a timeless one. It is a journey that is beyond exchange; one that knows no death and one that, indeed, knows no separation. It is a journey that is offered from Ascended Life to those students, Akeyasans and beyond, that have come to the conclusion, or are in the process of coming to the conclusion, that the experience that they are having here and now, is, indeed, one that is Ekaraia driven, one that is an Ekaraia reality, which you know as the universe; which you know as this reality, this very day here and now; an Ekaraia of physical existence, designed to assist the student of the metaphysical domain, the student on the Pah, such as yourself, to assist that student in understanding the metaphysical principles and metaphysical theories studied in the metaphysical domain.

We will talk a great deal of these things in the classes and in the times ahead, but as we do, it must be understood that certain principles must be adhered to in this class, principles that are axioms, foundational concepts of the being that you are as you proceed on this journey. Some of these concepts you will have already heard of; others will be introduced to you as you study the metaphysical principles, such as Dahlyn, which has been explained in previous videos.

The Principle of Shi’ish ka’ra

The first principle, of which I wish to speak today in this regard is the principle of Shi’ish ka’ra, or pronounced more slowly in its individual components: Shi Ish Ka Ra.

Let’s break this down. You already are aware of the concept of Ish, no doubt – Ish meaning ‘yes’; Ish meaning a simple openhearted approach to reality itself. Now, some of you, particularly the direct students, will also be aware of the concept of Shi, literally the reversal of Ish. Shi – s-h-i if you wish to pronounce it or spell it in English – means nothing else but the simple concept of celebration.

Now, you already know from previous classes that ka’ra is a reference to the heart space and, when broken down, ‘ka’ is a reference to lifeforce, and ‘ra’, of course, is a reference to truth force. So, Shi’ish ka’ra, in other words, being the first principle of this journey that you are undertaking in this mentorship program, refers to the celebration of saying ‘yes’, in other words, to the true heart, the true heart being made up of the concept of lifeforce and the concept of truth.

So, what is this true heart that you are celebrating and saying ‘yes’ to, this true heart that you are embracing? From within the concept of this Ekaraia that true heart, your true heart, is the heart of the creator self, the creator self, the being that you are in the metaphysical domain as you stepped into this Ekaraia, as you voluntarily created these vibrations and all of their qualities, let’s say, around you in a manifestation of this universe. The first principle that we are dealing with, therefore, Shi’ish ka’ra, is the embrace of the creator self.

Now, what does this mean? For people like yourselves that are stepping onto this path, these mentorship classes are, ultimately, designed to assist you in connecting to the concept of direct tuition, as you have probably read. Now, this direct tuition is run via the same system that you are currently connecting to us on right now via Imzaia World and allows you to step into direct contact with one of the direct teachers, such as myself or Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San or Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San, and a few others at this time – Da Pah Ekara San, also part of that list.

When you do step into this direct tuition, you move from the concept of Akeyasan status into Akenayan status. And when you do, direct regular classes, more direct and more regular than what you are experiencing from this moment forth, will commence. But these classes, such as the ones that you are in right now, but even more so in the direct tuition program, are not focused on your personality. They are not focused on who you believe yourself to be here and now. The people that are attending that have these lifetimes, that have had moments before this class started today, that will have moments after this class will be finished today, are only a fragment of the true student, the true creator self that is being addressed here.

And, therefore, the first principle of these classes, and also, the first principle of direct tuition, of course, is Shi’ish ka’ra, the embrace of the creator self.

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