Study Of The Pah | Mentorship Class 3 | Opening the Eyes of the Heart – Part 1

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TITLE - Mentorship Class 3 - Opening the Eyes of the Heart - (White Space Training, Class 1)

Part 1 of 2 - Lecture

AUTHOR - Da Pah Kwan Yin San

RECORDED - 11 January 2022


San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan’shi, honoleia i imzaia’e.

Beloved, beloved ones, look at everyone! It is so, so wonderful to be together for this next moment. In fact, we are going to get going right away. I just want everyone to know that for this first 45 minutes to an hour or so, I will have you all muted because we are going to go on this White Space Training journey together.

Also in the room but currently in white space… no, currently outside of the video range, is Da Pahdasan’ka, who just gave us the wonderful gift of that little bit of music, and he will be joining us for the second part of today’s broadcast after the break that we will take in about 45 minutes to an hour or so. At that point, we will all be unmuted together, rise up, and we will be having a chat about the experience that we will have then had. And at that point also, there will then be a chance for everyone to ask questions if there are any. Also, of course, we received a couple of questions from the last class that we did a few days ago. So, I am also going to be answering those.

Alright. But having said all of that, I once again welcome you all to this moment, one that we have prepared for, and waited for, for quite some time – not just some of you, but all of you here, no matter at which point you physically connected to this material, to this study let’s say. All of you here have been preparing for this, and I honor you for that greatly. My gratitude to all of you is beyond the physical, vibrational possibility of words. So, I guess when we all do end up in white space together, I will express it in a much more comprehensive way, let’s say.

A Realm of Focus

And before we truly get going, I want all of you to know that it is important, I believe, to let go of any expectations. This is not about one particular moment in time that you would reach this white space field. This is not about getting there quickly or slowly. It is simply about understanding that this is a field of focus, a realm of focus that is already present within you, around you, much like the current reality that you are translating into vibrational effect, let’s say, is currently around you and within you.

So, from that perspective, it is not about achieving anything. It is not about expecting anything. It is about knowing. Knowing without content, without grammar; knowing without structure who you are, who you are beyond all of this, and what you are as a sovereign individual expression of consciousness and as a sovereign collective expression of consciousness.

I know for a fact, as I look at all of you and also at the ones that will be joining us at a later time, of course, I know for a fact that you do understand what I am talking about; that you do understand this formless, timeless, spaceless principle, this signature of you. So, that is exactly what this is all going to be about, to reestablishing the fullness to all of that.

Now, for those who are just joining us today, let’s say, you all, of course, received the newsletter that I sent out yesterday, in which I already touched upon White Space Training. In order to show you a few concepts that I am going to be talking about as we start this journey in a little bit, I am quickly going to switch the visual for you all to my whiteboard – and there it is:

Class Whiteboard Notes

White Space Training Notes

The KiRi Technique

Opening the Eyes of the Heart (KaRa) = KiRi (one possible dahlyn expression for pineal gland)

In sahvok: eyes of the head

In hono’lyn’vah (white space): eyes of the heart

O A E I spiral / focus of resonance

Hono’lyn’vah = home / realm of the One Approach

Next class:

The lemniscarian technique

Opening the eyes of the Akene

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