Study Of The Pah | Mentorship Class 4 | A New Way of Human Being Can Begin, Part 2

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TITLE - Mentorship Class 4 — A New Way of Human Being Can Begin, Part 2

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - 15 February 2022


Da Pah Ekara San: San’a’ke! It is still I, Da Pah Ekara San. I decided I was going to stay for this second bit of the evening, after Da Pahdasan’ka and I were having a nice chat over there. So, I decided that in the advantage of the flow of the evening, I would present the second piece as well.

So, I guess, what Da Pah Kwan Yin San was attempting to do for this second part tonight is to go a little deeper with some of you, maybe even all of you, for tonight, for the time that we have left and go into the experiences that you all have had so far with the practice of white space training.

So… just having a sip of tea. Cheers to you all!

Maybe to start off here – because what we will do is, I will unmute one by one. If people do want to talk about things, you can always raise your hand – there should be an option for that here – but I think, starting with Da Amber San is always a good idea, the universe says. So, let’s do that. And, Amber San, I am unmuting you. – There we are. Are you finding us?

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Yes!

Da Pah Ekara San: There you are! San’a’ke.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: San’a’ke. It’s wonderful to see you, Da Pah Ekara San. Thank you very much.

Da Pah Ekara San: Good to see you, too.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Yes. I have to admit, it’s a little bit… It’s been challenging for me a little bit. Immediately… You know what was funny? (And I knew it was like obviously sahvok and mind come in.) After the very first experience, which was amazing, I wanted to know about: what is it like when you are in the metaphysical domain? And the thought came in it is like, you know, we are focused with these three kakras, head, heart, and belly, but that’s gotta be in the physical. I don’t think we have heads, hearts, and bellies in the other instances.

So, I observed that. Kind of like, it opened up a lot of questioning inside about how this really works beyond the focus of what we are, really, doing right now.

Questions of the Mind

Da Pah Ekara San: Before you even go deeper into that question or into that statement, I do want to, indeed, state… I think that the other day, Da Pah Kwan Yin San was on Imzaia City, was watching one of the Marcel Messing videos – some of you may know him – being interviewed by the Dutch podcaster Jorn Luka, in Dutch. The interview happened in Dutch, but there are subtitles for anyone that is interested. You can find it on Imzaia City. But he, Marcel Messing, also was explaining in that moment to Jorn Luka about the very same thing that you are questioning here for yourself in this moment. And in his conclusion – and I think this is a valid one – he stated that these types of questions that you are asking now of yourself, are questions that are related to the experience of time and space, being grand illusions.

Therefore, questions of such a nature, being asked by the mind, will never find an answer. They are quite literally unanswerable because, as you said, the being, that creator self, that exists within the Honomeia domain, within the expression of vah’lyn itself, is a being of a unified kakra system where the kakra does not holographically replicate itself in a quantum entangled state, being the heart, expressing into the head and into the belly. As you have always been told, there is, ultimately, one kakra, and it is the Akene.

So, indeed, these types of questions are the result of the mind, pondering a domain of existence where its ability to be literally at the head of you as an expresser becomes quite limited if not impossible. As such, these questions can never reach an answer because how can you explain to a being of time and of space a place that is not made of these things?

I think that what I said earlier in my lecture is a valid point that we must consider the mind our creation, and since we have an intercreational relationship with it, that means that you must take upon yourself the position of the universal mother, the universal father, to that creation and to understand that it, too, is your creator. You are learning from it.

And then the questions that the universal mother or father get a lot, “Why is the sky blue,” and, “why did the chicken cross the road?” are questions that have no answer, except for in the validity of asking the question itself. For is it not wonderful that there are these Ekaraias, that there are these spaces, these domains of reality, where, indeed, you can even ask of yourself such a question? That is the wonder of the Ekaraia assignment of this reality that you are currently in. You will come to see that.

So, I wanted to cut in there for a second and share that with you, before you continue.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: Well, thank you. I mean, what I saw, that was actually… Because, actually, you’ve touched on this in so many different ways that I knew I knew the answer already, so it was really just resistance being presented. That’s how I processed it. It was like, okay. But it was fascinating to watch like totally crap.

And this brings up, you know, what I think is important for all of us. I mean, this is… We have to be bold in our choice and want this more than anything, you know? Because that resistance will come up because, of course, the mind is going to play around. So, I have observed that, but I got kind of sick of observing it. I am moving forward into a place where I feel like, I can do this; I can make this choice.

But I wanted to admit that. I don’t know if other people are feeling that. That came up for me, like immediately, and I wanted to know this, and I wanted to know that and I wanted to know this and I thought, “This is ridiculous!”

Da Pah Ekara San: Yes.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San: So, I allowed that a little bit, you know, and then I also made myself wrong for doing that. So…

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