Study Of The Pah | Mentorship Class 5 | Infinite Human Creative Potential

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TITLE - Mentorship Class 5 - Infinite Human Creative Potential

AUTHOR - Da Pah Kwan Yin San

RECORDED - 20 February 2022


Ohami to all beings!

Beloved humanity, welcome to this moment, the energy and potential of which is infinite.

I am Da Pah Kwan Yin San, and it is my joy to be accompanying you here in the next moments on this path that we will be walking together, this time that we will be spending together.

When I say, “The energy of this moment is infinite,” what do I mean by that? The potential of this moment is infinite. The potential for what, and the energy of what?

Obviously, the last part of that question is easy to answer: the energy of you. The energy of all things that surround you, all things that are within you, all things that you dream of; the energy of all your thoughts, your ideas, and the things you spend your time on. That energy.

And the potential being infinite, what does that mean? It means the potential for transformation perhaps? Or the potential for creation, or the potential for manifestation?

Yes, all of the above. The potential for manifestation in imagination. The potential for expression and experience. All of these things infinite and available right now in this moment and in the previous moment and in the one that will come next.

So, indeed, tonight during this opportunity, I would like to speak with you all about the human creative ability and humanity’s ability for creative manifestation. Because not only have we in the last week or so been listening to and connected to by Da Pah Ekara San, for instance, and also Da Zyona San, who each presented very important pieces, very important because they signify the journey that humanity is currently undertaking.

Da Pah Ekara San spoke very succinctly on the topic of power, authority, and (what he called) ‘stacking’. The stacking of power, the stacking of money – the stacking of human potential, in other words.

And Da Zyona San, in the class of a few days ago, clearly discussed humanity’s ability with regards to reality creation and reality manifestation.

The Power of the Moment

Now, I know that these things have been thrown around for many years, and that many people have all sorts of ideas on these particular types of topics when it comes to reality creation and that sort of thing. But in my own interactions with students here in my direct environment, but also around the globe – and not only with direct students, but also merely in interactions on social media or merely seeing interactions on television and those sorts of channels – it is not very difficult I believe to see that humanity, from a certain perspective, is stuck.

Stuck, not by an external aggressor that is putting the boot down on the human face, as some have described in recent years, and going all the way back to novels such as “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” etc., but stuck merely because of not understanding the power of the moment. – And ‘understanding’, perhaps, is even an incorrect word. Maybe ‘not choosing to pick up the power of the moment’, would be better suited here.

Because I want you to think about the current situation on Earth. You are dealing with governments and authority institutions and figures of authority that are making very strange choices towards the freedom of humanity, indeed. And you know all about these things when you check your Twitter channels and your social media channels. It is all happening in the moment. It is all happening now.

But, why is it happening? Some of that has been explained in these previous classes. But I want to take it tonight into the most personal of places, namely yourself. It is time – it is always time, in every moment, of course, but right now, it is high time – that humanity and each and every part of that takes a good and honest look at the self and at the whole.

And when I say, “take a look,” I am talking about looking for the comparisons, if you will, between the inner worlds and the choices and identities that live there, and the outer world and the situations that are unfolding there at all times. Because I believe that when you do, you will see that a vital part is missing in all of this, and that is you.

I know that Da Kuthumi San said this over a decade ago. “What is missing? You!” He said it even back then. And he spoke back then about the personality coming home to the self, etc.

Well, this is what that is about. It is about understanding that you in this moment are here as an expression of consciousness. And as an expression of consciousness, in every moment, you have the ability to manifest reality. Nay! You do manifest reality in every moment. You know this. It has been spoken about, but it requires repeating, not on a theoretical level, but truly on a practical level because I don’t think – if I look at the current situation and the interactions I’m having – I really do not believe that you know just how powerful you are and the empowerment that you bring to every moment if you so choose!

You look at a world, as it has been announced in the previous recordings, where a nanny state, if you will, has completely taken over everything, every choice in your life, and continues to invade those choices going forward. Every arena, every area of your life.

But the truth of the matter is, there is no invasion happening; there is an invitation happening because you, each and every one of you, are inviting this in. There are plenty of reasons why that sort of invitation could be happening. In many cases, it is a passive type of invitation, merely because the human does not take responsibility for its own creative power, its own creative ability. And in many other cases, it is happening through an active invitation because the human does not want to take that power and wants an external authority to decide for it. In many cases because the ego literally needs something to fight against – an enemy if you will – something to battle, something to overcome. So, difficult situations are created.

Now, that may seem like a strange thought to some, but at the end of the day, it is what is happening. There is no invasion of the mind. There is no invasion of nations. It is an invitation.

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