Study Of The Pah |Mentorship Class 7 | Returning to Joy

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TITLE - Mentorship Class 7 | Returning to Joy

AUTHOR - Da Pah Kwan Yin San

RECORDED - 20 March 2022


San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan’shi, honoleia i imzaia’e.

Welcome to this moment, the potential of which is infinite. I am Da Pah Kwan Yin San, and it is my great joy to be here with you all today.

Thank you all for joining now in this moment, whether you are here live with us or whether you will be joining us in another moment later, from my heart and from the heart of All that is Imzaia, I welcome you.

In this class today, I want to take us back to the beginning of the Imzaia metaphysical Mentorship Program, specifically I want to talk about the embrace of the creator self and the Principles of Vah.

For those of you that will remember this first class, you will know that in the principle of embracing the creator self one activates the San ingredients. And in that class, I spoke with you a great deal about Da, about love. We spoke of the expression and of the experience of Da and Imzaia. I told you in that class, in reference to Da Solarys San having said the same thing many years ago, that the concept of Da as an active ingredient of San is so incredibly powerful and so incredibly creational because of the idea that it has nothing that comes before it and nothing that comes after it.

Da – Nothing Before, Nothing after

Indeed, love, when you invoke love within the self, as you have been practicing and as you have been doing for most of your natural lives, of course, then you know that you activate within yourself, you tap within yourself into something that is undefinable but that has nothing that came before it, that has nothing that comes after it, merely because it has no beginning, and it has no end. It is not created from the concept of mind. In fact, the concept of mind itself is created through Da as one of the building blocks of that particular creation, as one knows.

So, from that perspective, Da is, of course, the original and initial active ingredient in San. And we have spoken a great deal about expressing Da and experiencing Da, as it turns into Imzaia, as it turns into something closer to the concept of love that you know on this planet today.

And in that class, we also spoke of the next active ingredient, Ba, joy – or at least, we touched upon it. And today, I want to do more than touch upon it. I would like to enter into the concept of Ba with you all. I would like to explore it fully, in its entirety, as an expression and as an experience.

Now, Ba in English translates, of course, as joy. Now, joy is – much like love, unfortunately, these days – a much misunderstood word. Joy, and any of these expressions, are often tied into or related to the senses or to the emotional range, which is a mental state. So, when people think of joy, they often think of excitement. They think of happiness. They think of the state of joy that comes when an external object or an external person or an external event causes a scenario to unfold that brings with it a sense of happiness, such as meeting your lover at the train station, or seeing your child succeed at an event, or, in some cases, getting the latest iPhone! Whatever it is, it brings states of happiness.

These are not uncommon, and they come with a state of excitement. Many people also, of course, by merely having a thought – a thought about a future event or a thought about a past event or a thought about an event or a situation in the now – this, too, can bring a state of happiness, a state of excitement, and even a state of peace.

But this is not the joy that we refer to. If we go back to information shared in the Study of Vibration, by the Cosmic Twelve to be precise, then you have been taught already in 2006 or 2007 perhaps that the difference between a chakra based state or a mental state and a kakra based state is the fact that in the state, for instance, of excitement, happiness, which is a chakra/mental based state, a patterning occurs, a patterning which triggers a frequencial and vibrational state.

Now, much like Da, Ba has no vibrational state. Therefore, it can have no frequencial state, and it can certainly not live within the range of the emotional or the mental. In that, it differs greatly.

In fact, most of the material that is taught by Ascended Life here in Imzaia World, differs greatly from anything that you can experience in the exterior world because the exterior world is not what the Study of the Pah is trying to describe. But many people, many students enter into some form of conflict because they believe that then the Study of the Pah or the San elements must be trying to describe the inner world. And while it is so that throughout the Study of Vibration the inner world is often referred to, you probably have already touched upon the fact that the inner world is also not what we are truly describing. And Ba, the state of joy, helps the student to understand this.

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