Study Of The Pah | The Memory of the Now

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TITLE - The Memory of the Now

AUTHOR - Da Zyona San

RECORDED - 17 February 2022


Da Zyona San delivers a message of great potency on the topic of a’ko’da, also known as “the memory of the now” and one of the rivers of San.

In this metaphysical class, Da Pah Kwan Yin San makes space for special guest teacher, Da Zyona San, who packs this hour with a punch after an 11 year silence.

Da Zyona San explains her reasons for doing so, while revealing several fundamental, metaphysical pieces of truth with regards to creating & manifesting this (or any) reality, that are so vital to the workings of this world – and to the experience of your life – that they have been abused by those in places of power and in positions of control since the dawn of time.

Most importantly, however, in this class, Da Zyona San explains in the finest and most artistic of details how to stop this abuse and how to change the world for the better in the process.


San’a’ke o Da Akeyan’shi Pah, greetings to one and greetings to all. I am Da Zyona San, this is my signature. My patterning is that of the Ish, which (pronounced with ish ending) is the love in your heart in case you wonder where that comes from.

Beloved ones, I have been invited to speak to you all tonight on the topic of San. I believed it to be a rather generic invitation when Da Pah Kwan Yin San said: “Let’s talk about San, Da Zyona San.” But given the now moment and the expansiveness of it I believe that the perfect topic for tonight will be one of San’s most important rivers: A’ko’da. The memory of the now.

For a student on this path, such as yourselves, the deeper understanding of the memory of the now is of great importance. Particularly when it comes to achieving the lightness of being that is required by those such as yourselves that venture on the mountain passes and paths of the metaphysical realities that are neither here, nor there.

On such a journey indeed, that journey of ascension, there is no here, nor there. There is no past, there is no future. There is only the now and within that you and it within you once again. Repeating at infinitum, infinite repeating cycles of a vortex that travels through the foundation of the field that is you which, indeed, inside of this ekaraia expresses in the form that you are aware of as the torus.

The memory of the now from the perspective of ascension training is indeed a tool, which in its own right, transcends all other tools and all other exercises and touches upon all of them as well. Take for instance the simple explanation offered a long time ago by Da Jeshua San that you know of as the ‘Circle of Awareness’. A simple circle in four quadrants divided, where in the two top quadrants you have the future of the self and the future of the other or the world. And in the two bottom quadrants, the past of the self and the past of the other or the world. And indeed, in the centre, the self, the now moment.

The Expression of a Dancer

Now, as you know, my energy expresses here on this reality field often through the art of expressive energy and therefore, I like to give you the idea of the memory of the now in the form of something that you may very easily comprehend and indeed, have already enjoyed in your lifetimes many times before. The simplicity this is of music, and particularly the relationship to music that is found in dancing.

So we are going to discuss dance for a second, or a bit longer than a second. Because dance, beloved student, is a tradition of human expression that by default, through the eye of the practitioner, and the eye of the observer, occurs in the now moment.

If you think of yourself as an expresser in such a right, if you think of yourself as an expresser of dance, then imagine your field that surrounds you, your stage, if you will, of life. And on that stage a light beam, created by the spot of the creator self, that comes down onto the podium and creates a circle of light, where you as the dancer stand. On that circle you see the four directions that I have suggested earlier: the future of the self, the future of the other and the world, the past of the self and the past of the other and the world, and you on the beat of the River of San, know as A’ko’da, moving along the rhythm of Ka, life itself. Moving into the future, into the past, rarely staying at the centre of the circle, in the now moment. Because as an expresser of dance, of course, where else must one move but in those four directions?

Now imagine a direction that is going within. And as it does, a stage opening up within that same surroundings that you found yourself in before. From this perspective the light circle leads nowhere. There are no four quadrants, there is only the now moment. In this expression, which is of a temporal nature that could be considered fourth dimensional perspective of time, easily accessible through this river, through the memory of now, the student moves indeed in these four directions as described earlier, but not in one’s own expression of time, but rather in what would be known as bi-locating the self. In other words, the now remains locked in the now, and the being, the student, having gone within, to the stage within, makes the same movements as one does throughout time and space itself, except for the fact that the original self, initiating the exercise, remains in place.

Now at this point I only want you to consider this theoretically but perhaps later in your day or later in your time to come, let’s say, you can consider this in a practical way.

The best way that one can describe the jumping off point between both stages that one can access is to think of the same dancer now transformed into an artist about to jump off a cliff. And when one does, as one jumps into the ocean, obviously one reaches forward and head-first creates a spiral movement. It is this movement, this sensation, invoking this within the self during meditation or exercise that will trigger you into the space of A’ko’da that I am currently attempting to explain to you.

Now, as I find within the silent moment you come to a point of awareness that allows you to invoke the stage I have just set, let us discuss the true nature of A’ko’da, this River of San, known as the memory of the now. And not only why it is so important for the practice of for instance bi-location but how a student can apply it in such a way that it is of the greatest service to self, the greatest service to other and the greatest service to whole perspective possible.

Think about this. The stage that has been set. The light on this stage and you at the centre. What I have described is a situation that you experience in your day every second. Every nano second of every day.

In any moment of your experience you are at the heart of your experience, after all. Now, what is this you, let us leave that up for another discussion. But the fact remains that you are at the heart of your experience, at the very centre of it. And surrounding you the world, the stage at large. And within the light beam that you as the artist, the dancer are standing in, your immediate environment, your direct world.

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