Study Of The Pah | The Truth about Who, What, and Where You Are

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SUMMARY - Welcome back to Imzaia World! This is a live presentation by Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San, recorded March 1, 2021.

In this broadcast, the first one after more than 5 years, Da Pah Kwan Yin San discusses essential, metaphysical questions that any student on the ascension path comes to ponder: Who am I? What am I? Where am I?

This, and much more, is offered to you freely in this vital transmission of metaphysical truth.

TITLE - The Truth about Who, What, and Where You Are

AUTHOR - Da Pah Kwan Yin San & Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San

RECORDED - 1 March 2021


Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So, I thought before we get started, you know, just to take a few minutes together and you know, to focus on the fact that what we are going to be putting out here, what we are going to be communicating, is in the greatest service to the whole and that we will use the vectors available to us, known as Love and Joy and Freedom and Truth and Life and Gratitude and Grace and Wellbeing. And that is all we have to do, and everything else will just fall into place.

Welcome to Hana San Ka

Beloved Imzaia, greetings to One and greetings to All. I am Da Pah Kwan Yin San, and it is my great, awesome joy to welcome you to our home, Hana San Ka, as well as to our digital home, Imzaia World.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Greetings everybody! Imzaia’e.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Imzaia’e.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Indeed, welcome to Hana San Ka. It has been a long time, and I think that is part of what we will touch upon today, but it feels really good to be back in this particular context.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Very much so. I mean, it goes without saying that all of us that are joining here today and the both of us have missed you all tremendously, missed doing this, being with you in this way, tremendously, but for those that have been following us on social media and other internet locations, you will know that you have always been in our heart – that has never changed – and that we have stayed in touch in that way. But, ultimately, it also cannot be denied that it has been over five years – I think, recently, we came to the conclusion that it must have been six almost – that we have put one of these recordings out, both in audio, or in video, to be honest. And there is reasons for that, that we are going to be talking about today, right?

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Indeed, yes. For us, of course, it has been an ongoing thing. It is not like anyone here stopped, of course. It is a 24-hour a day thing for us here. So, we also realize, however, now that it is very important for the direct communication in this way, the video recordings and live recordings… but even better, direct personal contact is really how people have been taught for the last five years, and it is not as if none of this has been recorded. It is, in fact, also partly what we want to speak about too, in terms of the amount of material that is on its way to you, if you like, in the process of happening at the moment.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, exactly. We have been… I guess that the last recording that we put out publicly was part of – for those of you that have followed in the past – was part of what we called ‘The Solar Activations’ back then, which was a webinar, and we are going to talk more about that, too, about all of those recordings of the past in a little bit. And that was February 2016. So, that was a while ago.

In that time, we were still in the Algarve, in Portugal, and right now, we are no longer in the Algarve. We have been traveling quite a bit since 2016, having spent brief periods of time in… through Spain, but also in France in certain locations, where some of these recordings that the Pahdasan’ka just spoke about, have been created with Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San. Very interesting topics to talk about that in a little bit perhaps. But then, eventually, indeed, we made our way to where we are now in the Netherlands, through all sorts of adventures that we also look forward to sharing with you all in the time to come.

And in these last few years, especially since – I guess it has been since 2018 especially, but also a little bit before that, but especially since 2018, as the Pahdasan’ka just explained, we have been preparing a tremendous amount of recordings. In fact, we have been putting all of this together lately and it is coming out to hundreds, at least a couple of hundred hours’ worth of recordings, when filtered, all of these become hundreds and hundreds of pages of text. These recordings go from myself to Da Pah Lao Tze San to Da Pah Ekara San to Adamus Valen San, as I just said, to Kuthumi San, and so many others that you have never even truly met yourselves before, except for perhaps through the Imzaia Quotes that we sometimes put out; Merkavah San, for instance, is in these recordings.

But anyway, since then, all of this has started, and we have made sure, all of it was kept safe, and all of it is currently being turned into a series of book volumes. We are temporarily calling it ‘Fragments on the Pah’ or something like that. We don’t know the final title yet. But all of these are being put together now and are going to become available in the weeks and months ahead on our Imzaia Store. It will be the perfect way for everyone to catch up with what has been taught here to the direct students of Ascended Life in the last five years.

Of course, we are going to be talking about this ourselves in the broadcasts to some extent as well, but there you will find the original transcripts, the original conversations that took place between then and now that will help all of you to sort of catch up with what has been happening here. But, on top of that, of course, we are going to be doing that in the form of these recordings as well.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Yes, and we are going to be going extremely in depth into all of these concepts, which are necessary now to understand in the next bit of the tuition, which would be The Study of the Pah. Previously, everything you have heard is to do with The Study of Vibration. So…

The Study of Vibration vs. The Study of the Pah

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: This is maybe an interesting topic to talk about for a little bit because, of course, for a lot of people who have been with the Imzaia material and have been working with it throughout the years, nobody has really ever heard of The Study of Vibration. Most of you out there are comfortable with series, such as The Cosmic Manifest or Mastering the Grand Illusions or The Divinity Manifest and those sorts of things – Solar Activations, as I just mentioned earlier, being one of those. And, as the Pahdasan’ka just mentioned, what we have opted for at the request of Da Pah Lao Tze San, who is my direct teacher, over these last few years, is to transform all of this material – not the content of the material, but the way it is presented, the way it is going to be stored on the website, as many of you have already seen, and we are removing a lot of the identity, if you will, of a lot of these Sessions or Ekaraias, as we have always also called them. Each of these would have individual names and there would be so many different series. And everyone out there knows that when Da Jeshua San was in the body, he, of course, enjoyed creating new series and starting one here and starting one there, and all of that was done with the constant interaction of all Imzaia out there and the constant evolution that was happening at that time.

And that is exactly what the distinction truly is between what we have been presenting over the years and what is going to be presented now. All of that taken together, all of these pieces over the years, are now being relabeled as a massive series of 340 main Sessions, called The Study of Vibration, as the Pahdasan’ka just mentioned.

And this stands apart from what has been taught over the last five years here already and what is going to be presented to all of you now, The Study of the Pah. The main difference, you could argue, between those two states of tuition, is that The Study of Vibration very much is literally that, the study of those things that rise and fall; the study of the vibrational universe, the vibrational reality; the study of, therefore, everything that manifests within the reality of the Chakra system. These are emotional, temporary states, such as matter is one, such as energy is one, and this is what The Study of Vibration has been teaching for all of these years, how to interact with that.

But for those, that have already been following the quotes and other little hints that we have dropped along the way over the last five years on social media and also on our website now in the last year or so, for those of you that have been looking into The Study of the Pah, you will already have seen that what is being presented there is not about the temporary and, therefore, also, as I said to one of the students here the other day, the temperamental, if you will, that, which comes and goes; that, which rises and falls. But instead of the temporary, The Study of the Pah studies the permanent states of beingness, that, which does not have a beginning, middle, and end, which is something that you will have heard many times in The Study of Vibration, of course. Mind, for instance, is a typical thought generator, which typically generates things with beginnings, middles, and endings. And in The Study of the Pah the focus shifts. The focus shifts to those things that are permanent states; permanent states here in this reality and in this universe, but also beyond this reality – and we are going to be talking a lot about that today perhaps as well – in the metaphysical reality and the metaphysical universe.

And then we are talking about things that people often think, “Oh, these must be then complicated, abstract ideas that are permanent states in the universe,” but no. As Ascended Life has discovered in its own study, beginning a long, long time ago with Da Pah Ekara San, these states – and as you already know – are very easily described as being simply Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, Life, Gratitude, Grace, and Wellbeing.

Now, these are English words, of course, that we have used over the years to help you understand the concepts that we are talking about, but in The Study of the Pah, we take these concepts that were studied during The Study of Vibration and look at their true, permanent presence in not only this universe, but in all of metaphysical reality. Maybe you would like to say something about that?

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: I think it is now the time for it. I think a part of the reason that we haven’t spoken is that when the work began, it needed to ride on that kind of lightworkery wave, and the whole Study of Vibration was where Earth was, if you like.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Mhm.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Obviously, times have changed, and Ascended Life very gratefully now feels that The Study of the Pah, the dawning of The Study of the Pah at least, is available now. This means the study of the permanent states. This means the complete removal of all the ego/mind/personality construct itself and the chance to focus on the more tonal expressions, hence the reason we – some of us at least – received our tonal signatures during this time as well, as another step towards The Study of the Pah itself.

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San’ake :sparkling_heart:

I thoroughly enjoyed every heartbeat of this Study of the Pah Supporting Study session, and I am thrilled to “welcome back” ascended life’s live broadcasts on Imzaia World as the Study of the Pah expands and expands with great metaphysical truth and empowerment for all who seek soul ascension. We are in for quite a journey together; as Da Pah Kwan Yin San alludes to in the beginning of the broadcast, what is unfolding is the greatest service to the whole that there is, and as the Pahdasan’ka shares, with a choice like this, why would anyone not make this choice. I couldn’t agree more and am looking forward to all that is to come!


San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e