Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day - easy for beginners

Source: Taiflow YT Channel

Do as long as it takes to create a habit and Enjoy!


“Like others have said, this made me instantly relaxed AND emotional. When the video ended I bowed Japanese style to thank you. Absolutely loved it. This is what I wanted out of meditation but it never gave me. Maybe I needed something in which my body moves too. This is perfect. Really excited to try this everyday. Thanks again :)”

“Thank you! I started today and already feel a change after 5 minutes. I had surgery on both shoulders in the past 6 months and this will become a daily routine for me as well as progression of this amazing art in my life”

“I finally found someone who actually takes slow time to teach the moves specifically and I can follow! Thank you! I have put this off for 10 years! You give me hope…”

“Thanks for spreading awareness that we can heal ourselves​:blue_heart: