Technological Power of Ra… Secrets of the Ancient City of Heliopolis

Our team of luminaries examine the materials of the pyramids and the obelisks, as well as their geometrical construction, to see how they used the sun to generate and distribute electricity. It seems that this civilization was more advanced than history gives credit. We also discover that the gifts of Ra include more than solar power. The energy emanating from such an array would have affected the minds of those nearby. If we learn these secrets, could we once again harness the energy of Ra which radiates to raise consciousness, fuel society, and nourish the state of the world?
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• Evidence of Giants
• Ra and the Power of the Sun
• Ancient Symbols
• Underneath the Giza Plateau
• Siberian Pyramids
• Nazca Energy Codes
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Featuring: Chris Dunn, Johnny Enoch, Matias De Stefano, Andrew Collins, Freddy Silva, William Henry, Tricia McCannon, Nassim Haramein, Sonja Grace, Gregg Braden, Jack Cary

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