The Dreaming Pen: From Lucid Dreams to Waking Art

Source: World Science Festival YT Channel, November 30, 2022

“Meet Dave Green, a London-based artist who “creates” drawings in his lucid dreams, interacting with and depicting dream characters he meets along the way. From an early age, Dave (no relation to Brian Greene!) was a spontaneous lucid dreamer, employing this gift as a tool to deal with recurring nightmares. Now, as an adult, he’s shifted his focus to lucid dream art, exploring the intersection of imagination, perception, and reality during his nocturnal adventures.”

This WSF Short is part of a wider conversation about dreaming featuring physicist and World Science Festival co-founder Brian Greene and researchers Deirdre Barrett, Ken Paller, and Antonio Zadra.

Watch the full conversation “The Dreaming Mind: Waking the Mysteries of Sleep” here: The Dreaming Mind: Waking the Mysteries of Sleep - YouTube

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