The Impact of the Grand Illusion of Form

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Most of us reading this post understand by now that reality is very different from what we have perceived it to be. To start properly navigating then, it is important to understand the many ways in which we ourselves, have kept choosing to lock ourselves into the illusion we have perceived it to be. From indeed is very much part of this. In this video you will learn more about this, so that you too, can start changing your ways and thus your reality. Enjoy!


In this Imzaia Clip, the Grand Illusions of Form, Time, Space, Death, Exchange and Separation are discussed, with a particular focus given to the impact of the deeply rooted Grand Illusion of Form on the formation of human reality experience.


Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Working on the Grand Illusion of Separation, as one of the first illusions to work with, is pretty difficult. As has been explained by Da Pah Ekara San in multiple Sessions of The Study of Vibration, using the simple visual of his hand, the Grand Illusion of Separation can be thought of as the palm area of your hand, with the other five Grand Illusions connected to them in the form of your fingers. The Illusion of Separation is the one that ties them all together. It ties together the Grand Illusion of Form, the Grand Illusion of Time, the Grand Illusion of Space, the Grand Illusion of Death, and the Grand Illusion of Exchange. The Grand Illusion of Separation works throughout all of the other illusions themselves, directly.

It is, as such, very hard to let go of the Grand Illusion of Separation while you are still working on mastering the Grand Illusion of Form, for instance. However, if you seriously want to start releasing the Grand Illusion of Separation, then the Grand Illusion of Form is the place to start.

As you will remember, perhaps, from The Study of Vibration, each of the Grand Illusions have sub-divisions of archetypes, etc., that try to enhance the impact of the Grand Illusions upon your life. In the end, there are 144 total potentials in which these archetypes can impact each sub-division of each Grand Illusion. This way, an enormous amount of permutations, each with their own impact, becomes possible.


My initial entry point into the Study of Vibration was a multi-part series about mastering the grand illusions of form, time, space, death, exchange and separation, with separation clearly connected to the others. This series, or sessions, certainly opened my eyes and my heart, as a BIG catalyst to start to navigate and create my reality from an empowered state of being, to begin to master my life, and to make a committed choice to become a student of personal ascension, in service to the whole.

Prior to this series, I had raised my consciousness enough through other openings that helped me see (and painfully feel) the suffering associated with the grand illusion of separation, although at the time, I had not known it was a grand illusion, how it ties into the other grand illusions, or what to do to about it. I tried everything I could to “get rid of it” on my own, to no avail, until I realized it was impossible without the right knowledge, guidance, and community, which led me to Imzaia World.

As ascension students, we are learning how to let go of these illusions, and I love what Da Pah Kwan Yin San shares about starting with the illusion of form. Starting with the illusion of separation, in my experience, was impossible, and working on letting go of the illusion of form is indeed a perfect first illusion to work with.

With this focus and continued application of ascension teachings, the other illusions, including the grand illusion of separation, are so much easier to work on mastering and to ultimately let go of…and a wonderful way to express and experience love, joy, freedom, truth, life, gratitude, grace, and well-being as these active ingredients of creation were always, in their wholeness and perfection, are, without illusion or distortion.

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