The Meaning of 11:11 for Human Evolution

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A great clip to learn more about what 11-11, a number sequence that all of us seeing this video have experienced in our own way. Enjoy!


Seeing 11:11 everywhere? In this Imzaia Clip, Da Pah Kwan Yin San delves into an 8-minute discussion of the meaning behind 11:11, its relation to 11:11 Portals, and the importance of the number 11 for human evolution.

Are you ready to let go of your vibrational habits to embrace the evolving and expanding parts of yourself? If you are, this video may inspire you on your journey from the Personal Self to the Universal Self.


Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Release happens when you clean yourself up and when you start to prepare to move to a new dimension ⏤ a different realm ⏤ of the self, and of the species. Many Imzaia, over the years of working with the Sessions of The Study of Vibration, have been processing tremendous amounts of energy. Even now that we, as a collective, are releasing our focus on this entire archetypical, frequency-based universe, and now that we are moving into the tonal universe, many are continuing to process and to let go of their old ways of working with energy.

The concept of an 11:11 portal, much like the one that is currently happening, is designed to truly and strongly imprint, on the human psyche, on the human mind, and on the human soul, that the larger cycle of evolution known as processing is coming to an end. It implies that there no longer is any need to reach back into the old energy realms, where you were this, or that, and where you carried this type of name, or that type of title, and where you were in relationships of Exchange with specific members of your clan, your family, or with the many inhabitants of the villages, towns, or cities, in which you live. All of these things and more were part of the larger cycle of human evolution known as the time of processing. The human soul has been in such a dark place over the last centuries, but is now emerging from it, making it so that the many control systems that have been put upon humanity are crumbling and falling away.

From that perspective, the concept of 11:11 itself is a very strong marker for this shift in human evolution. It is a code, if you will, that is being transmitted directly into your self, into your core, triggering a release of all of these things that make you the person that you once were; a person, which, in the end, you will learn you yourself have invented.