The Metaphysical Path to Freedom

Acceptance of what is, gives rise to Da (Love).

The state of Da is that state which has nothing that comes before it and nothing that comes after it.

It occurs when you release into the Now, the past of the self, the past of the other, the future of the self, and the future of the other.

The state of Da gives rise to Ba (Joy), a state where the separation between the inner and outer worlds disappears. With Ba, one reaches the state where there is no within and no without.

When fully realized, the state of Ba burns itself up. And in its ember, once again, one reaches the state of Da.

At this stage, one gives rise to the state of Va (Freedom), which is one where the illusory boundary between the self and the other disappears.

The states of Da and Ba have already been discussed in my previous classes. The state of Va will be discussed soon.

It is in the focus on Da’Ba’Va that one releases the grand illusions of form, time, space, exchange, death, and separation — and the state of savhok or mind, therefore — and enters Ra, or the state of Truth.

It is important to realize that, without opening up to the states of Da, Ba, and Va (Love, Joy, and Freedom) it is not possible to enter Ra or Truth, which one can easily reach with the littlest of effort, practice, and focus.

More on this later. However, what is shared here can be practiced easily, with constant focus and continuity, and with the guarantee that it will bring you the metaphysical truth that you seek.

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Eja’i imzaia’e
(I belove in you)

Da Pah Kwan Yin San