The Phenomenon (2020)

The Phenomenon (2020)

Director James Fox’s explosive documentary is being hailed as the most credible examination of the longstanding cover-up and global mystery involving unidentified aerial phenomenon. Including shocking testimony from high-ranking government and military officials, NASA Astronauts, other credible sources, and riveting never-before seen footage, the timely film also reveals the monumental events behind the NY Times’ recent bombshell disclosure of The Pentagon’s secret UFO Program, and provides eye-opening evidence that mankind is not alone in the universe.

Senator Harry Reid calls it “Meritorious. It makes the incredible credible." Former Senior CIA Officer Jim Semivan, calls it “The most important documentary of the year.” Dr. Jacques Vallee says “70 years of secrecy has led to this. The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs.” George Knapp calls it, “A definitive examination of an enduring global mystery. This film will land on an unsuspecting Earth with the force of an alien invasion."

Narrated by Peter Coyote, the film includes Senator Harry Reid, President Clinton, John Podesta, White House Chief of Staff for Clinton and advisor to Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, former U.S Department of Defense Senior Intelligence Official, Christopher Mellon, NASA Astronauts, Governor Fife Symington, and Dr. Jacques Vallee, who was portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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"The Phenomenon is meritorious. It makes the incredible credible.”
-Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Senator from Nevada, 1987-2017)

“The most important documentary of the year and the most accurate examination of the world’s greatest mystery.” - Jim Semivan, Former CIA officer, Senior Intelligence Service

“The rapidly increasing number and quality of land and space-based sensors is making the UAP issue impossible to avoid. I can’t think of a better way for people to begin educating themselves on this long-neglected issue than watching “The Phenomenon.” The film provides a badly needed remedy for the unwarranted stigma that for too long has prevented government and academia from taking this important topic seriously.”

  • Chris Mellon, Former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, U.S. Department of Defense

"70 years of secrecy has led to this. The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs.”

  • Jacques Vallee, world renowned scientist and UFO researcher

“A definitive examination of an enduring global mystery. The most powerful evidence… incredible stories told by credible people. This film will land on an unsuspecting Earth with the force of an alien invasion.” - George Knapp, investigative journalist

“The most compelling film ever made on the subject. A MUST SEE!”

  • Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington

“This is the most important documentary film in the history of human civilization… and it’s going to help change the course of it.”

  • Ernest Cline, #1 NY Times Best Selling author of Ready Player One and Armada
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Barring any nefarious purpose such as prepping us for a “false flag alien invasion” to frighten and further control humanity (which from my perspective and the current acceleration toward universal ascension won’t happen), its about time that “official” information about so called "UFOs et al, expands beyond the can’t keep it in a box anyway official narrative. Interesting times!

Thank you for posting this, Ekaraia.Gaia! :sparkling_heart::pray: