The Plumed Serpent Is Bringing Change | Carl Calleman

Throughout history indigenous people understood that collective human consciousness rises and falls between cosmic cycles of light and dark, activity and rest. With the advent of the Judeo-Christian world, however, alternating cycles of day and night would be replaced by a system that promised permanent light, activity, and progress.

Guaranteed safety, prosperity and happiness were in reach for those followers who gave their allegiance to the gods of this new system. Yet, this emergent system has not escaped the cosmic cycles it rejected. Now our world has been turned upside down with Covid-19. It has been quieted, and forced into rest. It has been brought to examine its own pain and contradictions and the failures of its dominant beliefs. We see now that this marriage of Judeo-Christianity and industrialism allows for expansion, but not contraction. Not rest. Not change. Not new influences to guide us. Only unrestrained expansion, power, and control.

This moment is passing.

Mayan calendar expert Carl Johann Calleman, explains how the Mayan calendar has delineated this time as the end of patriarchy, colonialism, technocracy and bureaucracy. It is, however, the beginning of the Ninth Wave of human history, which calls for a ”unity of human consciousness."

In finding our way to a unified state, delusion, conspiracy, mistrust and suspicion are inevitable stepping stones to destroying the old paradigm. This phase is tearing friends, family and society apart.

In a beautiful and lively conversation, Carl explains that we are being called to move past blame, shame and judgement, and toward care, kindness, and sharing, if we want to experience a higher outcome.

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What a treat to listen to Carl Calleman again and a fascinating, important look at the underlying cycles and waves of consciousness affecting evolutionary human and planetary experience – related to the Mayan calendar, quantum science, and reinforcing the truth that we are in the driver’s seat, individually and collectively, through our choices and actions. This interview is extremely relevant to and important for navigating current times and the vital role we have in bringing forth necessary change supporting planetary ascension and the unity of human consciousness. Thank you for this insightful post.

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