The Reality Revolution: Discover the Wonder of Giving

Source: Brian Scott YT Channel/The Reality Revolution

"In an episode devoted to the theme of prosperity, it might be assumed that the emphasis would be on “how to get.” Perhaps by now you will understand why I say that such an emphasis is not only grossly materialistic, but it is also extremely misleading.

Any study of prosperity fails unless it teaches you how (and why) to give. And that is precisely what this episode is about.

Giving does not refer simply to money. It is a process that may involve money, but it also involves your work and the many ways in which you make contact with life.

Giving is basically an attitude with which you touch things.

The word giving has become so completely identified with pious acts of philanthropy that it is difficult to think of the word without referring to the “commercial of the church.” The emphasis has been on what the gift is to and what rewards come back in the form of “heavenly grace,” a name on the stained-glass window and a healthy deduction on the income tax return.

For true giving and its wonders is so much more.

Discover the wonder of giving. It is the better way. And the day will come when you will insist that it is the only way."

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