The Reality Revolution: New Earth Now

Video compiled and shared by Brian Scott/The Reality Revolution:

"Long have we talked and discussed the new earth. Yet it always seems to remain somewhere in the future. The intention of this episode and that the the time has come for the new earth NOW. NOW is the time to create the new earth. It is our duty to bring it about. It is our job bring it into existence NOW.

William Blake, who really wrote less for his own time than for ours, sounded the apocalyptic clarion call: “RISE UP, YOUNG MEN OF THE NEW AGE!” This is, of course, high-sounding and idealistic stuff, easily written. Yet in a world of as much darkness and conflict as ours, set apparently on a course of collective suicide through unbalanced materialism, it may well be worthwhile making the last cast of banking all on a world view which, if true, offers an optimistic alternative.

At this turning point in human affairs, we have so little to lose, and eternity to gain. Of course the personal and social difficulties confronting us are huge and daunting. To live in an apocalyptic age is exciting, but not particularly comfortable, not conducive to a desire for either psychological or material security.

But once we grasp the tremendous possibilities that extend all the way down into practical life, we can face all trials and tribulations. And we can do so with the zest of members of a resistance movement awaiting an invasion for which warning has already been sounded. If many of our young have “dropped out” of our acquisitive society, it is perhaps an unconscious prelude to a step forwards into a new one – of which courage, love and joy are the basic ingredients, once heart and mind are kindled with the fire of the living spirit.

Here is the real new birth that must come about in each soul through the creative flow of the Higher Self. Here is the coming of the New Earth. Uprooted, unplanted, man may drift and lose power of initiative; but once “rooted and grounded in love”, he will tap new creativity. The great initiates have always demonstrated great powers of initiative, bringing spiritual power down into practical and daily life."

Music By Mettaverse:

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