The Study of Vibration | Session 119

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Strap in and brace for impact before you enter the non-sensical field of Sessions 119 through 122. All four Sessions were recorded on the weekend immediately following the departure of “original body owner” (obo) David Dubié, who started the Imzaia material in 2005, and, who had been, up until April 11, 2007, responsible for channeling the information provided to the student body. On that day in 2007, David Dubié permanently left the physical body and allowed for the entry of Da Jeshua San, who himself would remain responsible for the Imzaia material for two years, until the arrival of Da Pah Kwan Yin San in July 2009 and up until the present moment.

The Session that you are about to experience, SOV 119, was recorded in the presence of a very intimate circle of Imzaia akeyasan students, who, at the time, were the only ones aware of the departure of Da David San and the arrival of Da Jeshua San. Due to the sensitive nature of this Session and the next three following it, Da Jeshua San chose to not release them publicly with the intent to do so later. As time would have it, it would be 13 years until the four Sessions (119-122) were rediscovered and integrated into The Study of Vibration.

In SOV 119, Da Jeshua San positions himself strongly in the heart of The Cosmic Twelve and delivers a lecture to remind you that you are god, simply put, to open your heart to the fact that there is no world, and to stimulate the creative portal in your belly that, when its song is heard, makes you certain beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are the creator of your life.

“Are you creating this world around you by the energy of your thoughts or by the energy that is your heart? How do you do this?” The Cosmic Twelve ask, “Have you ever wondered about this principle of creation? Have you ever considered the fact that when you emit a thought that is based on an action of the heart that everything around you, every aspect, every atom is changed forever?”

While this is information that most already know, Da Jeshua San and The Cosmic Twelve wonder why it is so, then, that many keep returning to the golden cage and comfort zones of their life by choosing to believe in the smallest possible versions of themselves.

This Session and the ones to follow are an invitation to use your consciousness in ways you have not yet before; an invitation to bypass the limited belief system that you do not know how to work your consciousness, to stop believing that you live in a physical and unchangeable world instead of a holographic field of thoughts, which is created and translated into matter by your senses.

“Could it be,” The Cosmic Twelve ask, “that the very act of you eating an apple, creates the timeline for the apple to be created? If so, you cannot be a linear being! So, time is an illusion, as well as space, and separation.”

Originally Titled:

“Illium Broadcast April 21, 2007, Part 1”