The Study of Vibration | Session 120

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Session 120 continues the exploration of consciousness and expanding perspectives on reality that was started by Da Jeshua San and The Cosmic Twelve in Session 119.

The akeyasan student is made aware of the many illusions created by the ego/mind/personality complex that keep one locked in, that keep one small, that induces one to give one’s power away rather than taking full responsibility for the self and for the whole, and thus for reality itself. In this Session, the responsibility is being put back where it belongs: in the student’s heart, brain, and consciousness, and within one’s creative ability.

The Cosmic Twelve discuss the cleverness of mind, through which segmentation and separation continues to be created, even in the spiritual realms; a fact that quickly becomes apparent to anyone that begins a search for Truth.

The physical senses are discussed, which, according to The Cosmic Twelve, “have so far been used to experience the world, while actually they are a powerful tool to create the world.” To illustrate this point, the non-sensic field is explained, and particularly how one’s senses can actively be used to navigate the non-sensic field.

After a thorough, 30 minute exploration, the Session comes to an end with The Cosmic Twelve imploring the akeyasan student to be and stay with the words that were spoken for a while. This, they say, will help avoid the trap of believing that what has been shared “is nothing new.”

It is important to allow for the realization that what is being shared in Sessions 119 through 122 is an existential Truth that is timeless, ageless, and pointless as mere theory. It must be practiced. It must inspire that call to action within yourself that is the birth of the you that you have been waiting for.

Originally Titled:

“Illium Broadcast April 21, 2007, Part 2”