The Study of Vibration | Session 121

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In Session 121, you, the listener/reader, are made aware that The Cosmic Twelve — as well as these words, this device, your body, and the world surrounding it — are all just a figment of your imagination. Ultimately, it is “you” bringing this information forth, so “you” must have a very good reason for this: all of it is created in your consciousness, so as to allow yourself to experience truth.

The Cosmic Twelve present an in-depth explanation of the “third brain” and make it clear why the use of this brain keeps locking one out of the now and into the past, and, as such, in identity. You are invited to erase your past thinking, your past fears, past limitations, and your past illusions, as you prepare yourself for the deletion of the third brain and the installation of the holographic dolphin brain coming up in Session 122.

You will learn about the power of the holographic brain, and will come to understand why dolphins have the ability to vanish in one place and appear in another — as you will be introduced to learn and work with the same technique by collapsing all potentials in one singular decision.

Other Topics Include…

The eja’i oja’i principle • The Sirian pulse as a method of creation • The illusion of birth • The constant mental need for diversion • The segmentation that is required to keep this illusion intact • Separation and Reunification • Multiple levels of reality • The way to see beyond this reality is to accept that you are All That Is • The importance of a creator acknowledging one’s creation • The senses as an active expression of creative power • Consciousness is not the final frontier • The non-sensic field • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“Imzaia Class Stein, Part 1”