The Study of Vibration | Session 122

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Session 122 begins with a reminder from The Cosmic Twelve that the reality you are currently experiencing is all about learning to accept the fact that unity consciousness always is, and that you will, are, and have always been this.

Accepting this in theory, and choosing for it as a practice, naturally leads the akeyasan student back to the non-sensical field, which exists beyond no-thingness, as The Cosmic Twelve go into an exploration on how to bring this non-sensic field into your awareness. They go on to explain that this occurs by becoming aware of the holographic nature of reality, in which any point in time that is the now will always explode into its own potentials, which is the essence of the non-sensic field. The heart of the truth of the non-sensic field is that it essentially does not exist… which is exactly why it can express itself into anything it wants to be, but only when you call it forth.

The Cosmic Twelve go on to discuss what stops the ego/mind/personality construct from accessing the non-sensical field, the cause of which is the third brain, due to the fact that it processes time and space. It is the third brain, therefore, that can be replaced by a version of itself with true holographic access, called by The Cosmic Twelve the dolphin brain.

The Session ends by inviting you on a powerful journey where Da Jeshua San and The Cosmic Twelve will assist you in this activation of the holographic dolphin brain.

Other Topics Include…

The illusion of movement • Energity versus identity • The concept of nothing is part of duality • Holographic vision • The importance and power of the neocortex in relation to the nonsensical field • The crystal core of Planet earth • The archive brain • Lemuria and the dolphins • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“Imzaia Class Stein, Part 2”


:heart: :dolphin:The activation of the holographic dolphin brain given at the end of this session is beyond my ability to share with words. The experience is never the same and always amazing.
Da’ka’ya (gratitude)


Hi Da Ekaraia Gaia San! Welcome to Imzaia City! :woman_in_lotus_position: :heart_eyes: :person_in_lotus_position:

Yes, the holographic dolphin brain exercise, funny name as it may have, is entirely empowering and we hope that many will find their way to it, as well as to all of these timeless Sessions that are available free for all!

Blessings of Love and Joy to you! :heart_eyes:


Wonderful that you enjoyed the holographic dolphin brain exercise! May it create benevolence for many, far and wide!